Tribute To My Sista

Who else better to celebrate than my sister? I only have ONE. And I think she's pretty special. I sometimes think we must've been best friends before we ever became sisters. She's sweet and weird and can always make me laugh. See?

Remember this, Lauren? haha

We even have the same legs.

Who's Who? I'm not telling!

But we are very different too. Thank goodness! Lauren has many talents and personality traits that are very different from mine. For example, she's an awesome singer and performer. That girl can draw and paint. (You ought to see the mural on her bedroom wall at home.) She's also much more laid back and patient. Lauren is beautiful all 360 degrees around. And I LOVE HER! So even though she's all grown up, taking college head-on, and married to the love of her life, she's still my little sister. I hope we'll always talk about life's adventures and that she'll always make me laugh no matter how old we get or how far away we live.

So... I hope you have the HAPPIEST HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! Two whole decades, Lauren. You're no longer a teenager. It sounds older than 21. What a landmark! You just being my sister for 20 years makes ME sound old. I wonder how Mom feels about this. :)

I love ya, Sista!
What would I do without you?

P.S. I had to search a looong time before I found a picture of you without your face or body all contorted. Muahaha!


  1. I really thought i would be able to tell which leg was laurens...BUT I CANT!!

  2. aaaaahahahaha! thanks sista!! That made me laugh and want to cry at the same time! I can't blame you for not being able to find a decent picture of me cause I don't think I own any either. haha I consider it a talent :) I love and miss being retarded with you. You're my favorite sister and the best sister anyone could ask for. Love you forever!


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