How I'm Holiday Shopping with a Newborn

men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, wood watch

I'm at that stage post-pregnancy when sleep trumps eating and eating trumps showering.  Priorities, folks!  But you know I'm enjoying every minute of these newborn snuggles, so I'm not complaining.  Now that so much of my personal needs are wrapped up alongside the care and well-being of one very tiny human being, some of our family Christmas traditions are being tweaked, including how we're doing our Holiday shopping.  Perhaps we're a little late to the party, but I am really enjoying purchasing the majority of my gifts online this year.  I get to skip the lines and skip the crowds (read: germs) AND I get to feel super productive by multi-tasking. I quietly nurse a baby to sleep while scrolling through my husband's wish list on my phone.  It's pretty sweet.

My favorite places to shop online include Backcountry, Jane, and of course, good 'ol Amazon.  But sometimes those places don't carry the unique and personal items that just dazzle when they're opened.  And those are the kind of gifts I get really excited about giving!  (Like that one year I had a leather belt made for Bron with 'Nelson' stamped across the back.)  That's why I want to introduce you to JORD Wood Watches.  When the company approached me about an early birthday gift for my husband, I couldn't pass up this awesome ebony and rosewood statement piece!  Red is Bron's favorite color.  It came in the mail quickly, and while he can't go to work with a wooden wristwatch on (hello cows!), it's hardly left his wrist since.  He wears it in the evenings, to church, and to town.  It's kind of crazy how nice it is to see the time at a glance and not have to dig out a cell phone.  Plus, the quality is just over-the-top.  I personally love staring at the inner gears as they spin.  It's so cool.  It does, however, run a bit fast.  Still, I wouldn't mind picking one up for myself!


If you're interested in checking out a watch, be sure to save yourself some money and use a gift code found HERE.  But hurry, it closes December 18th.

men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, wood watch
men's watch, unique watch, cool watch, wood watch

And yes, this post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but I'm happy to do it.

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  1. Will check it out first, before I buy it for my dear husband( trust me, he has more than enough for now(going on 44th yrs..)..Thanks for sharing will keep in touch!!but this is something difference, I might just buy it...


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